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Oldest and youngest graduates

Youngest and oldest graduates from the Capacity Academy:
Youngest and oldest graduates from the Capacity Academy: Akusauka Phiri, 82, and Christopher Tembo, 16.

A landmark moment was celebrated by all those involved with the Foundation when the Capacity Academy saw both its youngest and oldest students both graduate.

At 82 years old, Akusauka Phiri had few problems with the tests, scoring 100% in maths and 96% in literacy (reading and writing in Chichwa), giving him an overall pass rate of 98%.

Sixteen year old Christopher Tembo, obtained an overall pass rate of 92%, scoring 98% in maths and 85% in literacy.

To pass, students had to score a minimum of 75% overall, a target hit by the vast majority of those who sat exams in 2020.

Of 122 candidates, 104 passed and just 18 failed – a tribute to the hard work and dedication of both staff and students at the Capacity Academy.

Full results can be seen in this spreadsheet.

Not content with his achievements, Akusauka Phiri is still attending classes!

Capacity Foundation graduates, December 2020.
Capacity Foundation literacy and numeracy graduates, December 2020.