Ending aid dependency in Malawi

First Foundation-funded community projects completed

Operations manager Emily Nkhoma inspects the renovated Seventh Day road bridge

The community in Malenga Mzoma decided that the first proceeds from the Social Action Fund should repair four broken and dangerous bridges with culverts beneath.

Failed bridges prevent children getting to school safely when the rainy season brings floods (among the hazards are water channels that fill in the rainy season and that can contain crocodiles washed down from the local river).

Four broken bridges and culverts were replaced for the cost of about £2,500 using a local contractor and volunteers.

This is the kind of locally-needed infrastructure that the Malawi Government can’t get round to.

The images show the dilapidated and unsafe Seventh Day road bridge before and after renovation work converted it into a robust and durable structure; the completed project was assessed by the Capacity Foundation’s manager, Emily Nkhoma, as shown in the header photo.