Operations manager Emily Nkhoma inspects the renovated Seventh Day road bridge

Malawi’s informal economy

According to Sera Gondwe, a business economist at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), almost 90% of earners in Malawi participate in the informal economy. Specifically, this means that they don’t appear in the taxation system, nor do they make any provision for a pension. The tax …

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New household survey

Uniquely, Capacity is running a rolling household-level survey. Here’s why. Population and other demographics can be an imprecise matter in countries such as Malawi. Before Capacity started working in Malenga Mzoma – a collection of about 50 villages – we carried out a survey of some 30% of the households …

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Adult literacy class held outside.

It’s exam time!

Almost 200 people are this week (6-12 November) taking their examinations under Capacity’s Adult Literacy programme, the Capacity Academy. To graduate, students have to meet a 75% pass mark in both Chichewa (the national language) and mathematics. Capacity’s examinations are endorsed by the Malawi Government via the District Commissioner’s Office, …

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The new Capacity Foundation supermarket in Chanju, Malenga Mzoma

Business skills are the future

Business skills are the future for international aid charities. The UK Government’s decision to cut its international aid contribution by almost 30% harms users of day-to-day poverty alleviation programmes, among many others. Britain’s action demonstrates how fickle outside help can be for a country like Malawi. It is why the …

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