More adult literacy graduates!

Next week, on 8 June, 72 people will receive their certificates when they graduate from the Capacity Foundation Academy, an adult literacy programme working among 45 villages in a rural part of northern Malawi. Capacity runs eight adult literacy classes with about 200 students enrolled at any one time, nine …

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Survey organisers Vincent Mphande and Kennas Jim planning the schedule.

What poverty really means

Poverty isn’t just about money – ask anyone in Britain who is earning but still relies on a food bank. Poverty means the income level is so low that basic human needs can’t be met. Next question: what are the basic human needs? Muhammad Yunus, Nobel prize winner for economics, …

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Woman displays root ball, to show how bokashi converts poor soil into good soil.

Ukraine war raises fertiliser prices

The war in Ukraine has created unexpected challenges in many countries beyond that country’s borders – but who would have thought massive increases in fertiliser prices for African farmers would be one of the consequences? The price of commercial ‘NPK’ fertiliser – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium compound – has risen …

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Operations manager Emily Nkhoma inspects the renovated Seventh Day road bridge

Malawi’s informal economy

According to Sera Gondwe, a business economist at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), almost 90% of earners in Malawi participate in the informal economy. Specifically, this means that they don’t appear in the taxation system, nor do they make any provision for a pension. The tax …

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