Ending aid dependency in Malawi


Kwacha devaluation sparks massive price rises

On 9 November 2023, the Malawi Government devalued the national currency, the kwacha, by 44% against the dollar (see this BBC News item). The purpose was to increase the purchasing power of Malawi’s foreign exchange, which is held in dollars. Devaluation makes Malawi’s exports more valuable. Whereas a dollar was ...
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Floods cause big income shortfall

The philosophy behind the Capacity Foundation is that a charity can become self-sustaining in terms of its income. In five years, we have gone a good way to proving it – but there are occasional steps backward among the many steps forward. News programmes in the UK recently reported devastation ...
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Graduation ceremony Malawi-style

Almost a hundred people graduated from the Capacity Foundation’s adult literacy Academy on Friday, 17th February. This, our fourth graduation, was the largest cohort to date, bringing the total number of graduates to well over 300. Each graduate received a certificate recording their achievement – a pass mark of 75% ...
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Meet an important man

Chaipa Banda is the chairman of the Area Development Committee (ADC) for Malenga Mzoma, the area of 40+ villages where Capacity operates. He has 14 members working with him – 7 women and 7 men, and their role is to look after the economic, social and other welfare interests of ...
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