The new Capacity Foundation supermarket in Chanju, Malenga Mzoma

Business skills are the future

Business skills are the future for international aid charities. The UK Government’s decision to cut its international aid contribution by almost 30% harms users of day-to-day poverty alleviation programmes, among many others. Britain’s action demonstrates how fickle outside help can be for a country like Malawi. It is why the …

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Chart showing number of meals eaten per day

Benchmarking poverty

Charities that tackle poverty find it difficult to identify a benchmark that shows when someone moves out of poverty. In the UK, the poverty line for a household is about £15,500. Such measures don’t work in countries like Malawi, especially in rural areas where the economy is very informal. Income …

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New survey targets 4,000 households

The Capacity Foundation has set itself the task of interviewing all 4,000 households in TA Malenga Mzoma’s 60 villages. This follows the landmark baseline household survey carried out in 2016, which led directly to the founding of Capacity. The 2016 survey sample was very large, covering 1,200 (30%) of the …

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Overcoming absolute poverty

About a quarter of the 4,000 families in Malenga Mzoma are considered subsistence farmers, which means they grow enough food to survive but have no surplus and no form of income. One in eight people eat only once a day. This is absolute poverty. (Baseline Household Survey, 2016.) The Foundation …

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