Mamama restaurant - a new social enterprise in Malenga Mzoma
A new social enterprise opened in December 2020: the Mamama restaurant.

There is no formal, official economic development apparatus at the local level in Malawi.

Growth programmes are often tied to internationally-agreed targets and delivered by international NGOs, over the heads of people on the ground – literally, the subsistence farmers of places such as Malenga Mzoma.

The Capacity Foundation runs several social enterprises, serving two purposes: they contribute to the Foundation’s income to support our programmes and they act as an example of what can be achieved.

A motorcycle taxi and a fishing business have been running for two years and a restaurant opened in December 2020. All of the Foundation’s businesses also contribute to the Social Action Fund, helping to fund community improvements from local resources.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic has eased, the Foundation will resume plans to encourage groups of loantakers to co-operate in running larger business co-operatives along the lines of the international One Village One Product movement and other innovations.

Photo of handmade wooden mango juicing machine
It might look suspiciously like a guillotine, but this hand-built press produces mango juice. Mangos are plentiful in Malenga Mzoma, where they literally fall off the trees.