Ending aid dependency in Malawi

Three successful women entrepreneurs: Elisy, Isabel and Mamie

Malenga Mzoma is a community in rural Malawi, East Africa, which is taking control of its own destiny by ending its dependency on foreign aid.

Discover how the Capacity Foundation is helping local people change their lives and community by building their own businesses using an innovative funding model.

developing the local economy

Economic growth in Malenga Mzoma is being driven by microloans and social enterprises, with an in-country investment programme to be launched shortly.

encouraging social enterprises

The Social Action Fund helps develop social enterprises, such as a motorcycle taxi and a truck hire business, so that people can get their produce and goods to market.

Ending dependence on aid

An entry-level loan of £65 is repayable over 10 months; by repaying 125%, each loan-taker contributes to the community’s Social Action Fund.

improving farming techniques

The Foundation runs five demonstration fields where 16 lead farmers learn modern organic techniques under the guidance of a retired government agriculture adviser.

increasing adult literacy

The Capacity Academy provides eight adult literacy and numeracy classes from which nearly 200 people have so far graduated, with a further 200 currently studying.

Check out this animated guide to what the Capacity Foundation does, how we do it - and what makes us different.