Ending aid dependency in Malawi


In 2024, the Capacity Fundation fulfilled an aspiration going back more than seven years by launching a programme for youth in Malenga Mzoma.

Eight Youth Clubs already existed in the area but had lost their sponsors, so Capacity has adopted them to ensure their futures – in the villages of Chanawaka, Chifira, Chimwemwe, Chituka, Mujojo, Munkhokwe, Tela, and Wilson. Capacity has added two new Clubs, Mwawi and Chagowo, and is planning an eleventh.

In addition, there are eight Children’s Corner clubs, in the villages of Bandawe, Chanawaka, Chifira, Chituka, Kapeska, Munkhokwe, Seka, and Taonga.

These were originally established by a charity of the same name, but it was unable to continue its sponsorship – so Capacity has stepped in there, as well.

Among the Children’s Corner activities is a children’s parliament where topics are raised for discussion by the children, some of whom represent their village and some of whom represent an area of several villages.

Children’s Corner caters for children aged up to 15, after which they go on to the Youth Clubs.

Members of aChildren's Parliament in Malenga Mzoma, Malawi.

Members of a Children’s Parliament

Children's Parliament Speaker Gracie Banda.

Gracie Banda is Madam Speaker, running the Children’s Parliament with relaxed maturity and poise.

Members of the Youth Executive Committee.

The Youth Executive Committee represents the interests of the eight clubs. On the left is Vincent Mphande, who supervises the Youth Clubs and Children’s Corner.

Female youth club member in bright orange top.
Female youth club member, sitting, wearing dark blue tee shirt and jeans.
Female youth club member in red cardigan and white blouse.
Male youth club member in red and white striped shirt.

The Youth Clubs have many vibrant members, taking part in drama, health education – including a ‘back to school’ campaign – service projects such as cleaning their local hospital regularly, and acquiring skills that will enable them to flourish while remaining in their local community to lead the next generation.