Ending aid dependency in Malawi

Meet Emily, our operations manager

Emily Nkhoma, the Capacity Foundation’s operations manager

Emily Nkhoma manages the Capacity Foundation’s programmes in Malawi. Holder of a diploma in tourism and business, Emily oversees all aspects of the Foundation’s operations including relationships with all levels of Government. Like the Malawi-based Trustees, Emily comes from the area where the Foundation works, speaking ChiTonga (the local language) as well as ChiChewa (the national native language) and English.

Together with one of the Foundation’s Trustees, Wilson Chiwaza-Phiri, Emily organised the baseline survey in 2016 that informed the development of targets and programmes.

Emily is based at the Foundation compound in Chintheche, a large trading centre right next to the Malenga Mzoma area covered by the Foundation.

Emily also farms and is known for her good business head as well as her tact and supportive management style. Her combination of talents and skills mean she is able to manage programmes and the Foundation’s social enterprises as well as represent us at meetings with various authorities and agencies.

The image below shows Emily inspecting the Seventh Day Road bridge after it was upgraded.

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