Ending aid dependency in Malawi

Say hello to Elisy, Isabel and Mamie

Elisy Temtemu used two loans from the Capacity Foundation (equivalent to £215 and £538) to expand her grocery shop. Having been successful in that venture, Elisy was keen to extend her business interests and now also manages the Foundation’s fishing boat, from which she receives a share of the profits.

Isabel Banda used her Foundation loan to grow her business buying and selling clothes and shoes between South Africa and Malawi. Having earned enough money, she moved to South Africa to be with her husband and re-unite her family.

Mamie Msumba used her first loan of £65 to start a business selling usipa fish. A second loan of £105 helped her expand her business and she is now selling her fish to customers in the city of Lilongwe, five hours’ drive away.

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